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A Father’s Day Tribute: Our Special Thank You

Inspirational men deserving of recognition

Laura KolodjeskiLaura Kolodjeski

If anyone knows how important fathers are, it’s me. I am married to an amazing stay-at-home-dad, who provides daily strength and support for our daughter and me. This week, I truly enjoyed featuring four incredible DOC dads and their stories of fatherhood. These men are so inspirational and I know there are millions of other great dads who have stories like them, deserving of recognition this Sunday.  I want to wrap-up the week with my favorite highlights from our Father’s Day Tribute series:

Manny Hernandez recalled his son’s school performance to Michael Jackson’s “Bad”:

“My son is so NOT as shy as I used to be when I was a kid … I was proud of his performance, but was even more proud of the fact that he didn’t seem the least bothered to be performing in front of several hundred people. It was amazing!”

Bennet Dunlap offered friendly advice for other dads:

“Make your family your priority. Play in a theme park with them on a family vacation, not away from them on a golf course. Make the bookstore and library destinations. Read crazy fun stories out loud regularly. Go to the midnight premieres of books and movies.”

George Simmons shared the most important thing about being a dad:

“Being a dad teaches you that each day should be cherished and considered special. Most of the things that upset us throughout the day will not matter a year from now.”

Scott Benner shared his favorite memory with his daughter, Arden:

“I remember now, just as clearly as if it were yesterday that I felt perfect inside. I think that even if you don’t know me, you can see on my face the sheer joy and pure love that I have for Arden, Cole and Kelly.”

Thank you again Manny, Bennet, George, and Scott for participating in the Discuss Diabetes Father’s Day Tribute series.

I’d love to hear your favorite Father’s Day memory, so please share them by leaving a comment below. A very Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!

Best, Laura K.

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  1. @ArdensDay
    June 17th, 2011, 8:21 AM


    Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in your Father’s Day celebration! I’m very inspired by what you are doing with this blog and was thrilled to be asked.

    Happy Father’s Day to all!


    1. Laura
      June 17th, 2011, 8:49 AM

      Thank you Scott. Means a lot coming from you! Arden and Cole are very lucky you’re their dad… So really celebrate that this weekend. My best, Laura