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  • Sweden


    Enjoy fish with sliced cucumber atop a piece of bread. Also common in Sweden is crisp bread with fish paste.

  • Lebanon


    Get an early start on meeting your veggie requirements with a Lebanese-inspired breakfast. Along with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and mint, eat pita bread with strained yogurt and olive oil.

  • Japan


    A Japanese breakfast table might have a bowl of steamy miso soup, fermented soybeans, rice, and pickled vegetables. Not a fan of miso? Heat up a bowl of chicken and rice soup instead or simply serve up beans and rice (watch portion sizes). And don’t forget the green tea!

  • Switzerland


    Muesli is a typical quick, nutritious Swiss breakfast. Stir this mixture of uncooked oats, dried fruits, and nuts into yogurt or top it with milk. It’s easy to make your own and vary the ingredients to your tastes. Add ground flaxseed, chopped dates, barley or rye flakes – to fit your taste and meal plan.

  • Korea


    Koreans might wake up to a watery meat or fish soup, steamed rice, and kimchi – a side dish of spicy fermented cabbage served with most meals. If the morning is too early for something spicy, add cabbage and other vegetables to the meat or fish soup.

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A Low-Carb Global Breakfast

Diabetes-friendlier ideas from around the world

Bored with eggs or oatmeal to start your day? Do you feel like cereal and milk is a carb overload or that breakfast meats do little more than weigh you down with saturated fats? If so, consider brightening your morning with inspiration from low-carb breakfast choices around the globe. In many countries, people wake up to foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, fish, and others that are rarely seen on an American breakfast table. To shake up your morning routine, check with your care team, and start your international breakfast journey here.

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