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Podcasts: Talking Diabetes

Downloading & enjoying diabetes podcasts, from research updates to celebrity interviews

Downloading & enjoying diabetes podcastsHave you been hearing about the popularity of podcasts? If you’re not familiar with the concept, imagine a talk radio program that you can download and listen to anytime you want to on your computer, tablet or cell phone. Podcasts have been around for more than a decade, and more people are now using them as sources of entertainment and news, including the diabetes community.

Podcast episodes are easy to download, usually just by clicking where indicated on a program’s website. Many programs also offer episodes via the iTunes® or Android® stores and some feature downloadable apps that automatically add new episodes as they are made available.

To help get you started, here is a selection of diabetes-related podcasts with links to where they can be downloaded.

Chris Snider of the Just Talking podcast.
Chris Snider of the Just Talking podcast

Just Talking

“Everyone has an interesting story to tell,” Chris Snider says, explaining the general idea behind his weekly podcast. “It’s just a matter of giving them the opportunity.”

Chris, who lives with type 1 diabetes, has released a new episode of “Just Talking” every Tuesday since he launched the interview program in 2009 – nearly 300 installments to date! Chris’s guests include people from the diabetes community, including Six Until Me blogger and contributor to The DX Kerri Sparling, but many are simply people Chris thought would have something interesting to talk about. (His favorite non-diabetes-related interview? Scott Hanson from NFL RedZone®.)

Chris is himself an avid podcast listener, citing programs devoted to contemporary design, video game reviews and reviews of superhero films and TV shows among his must-listens. “Podcasts can be about anything,” he says, “but I see them as a new way to experience storytelling, where you can hear the inflection, laughter and emotion – it can be very intimate, really connecting you with other people and their experiences.”

Listen: Chris talks with Mike Lawson, Cherise Shockley, Scott Johnson and other members of the diabetes community in these diabetes-related episodes.

Scott Benner
Juicebox podcaster Scott Benner and his kids


Scott Benner, whose daughter Arden lives with type 1 diabetes, agrees there’s something unique about podcasting. “I find that there are topics that come up naturally in conversation with my guests on Juicebox that I might have avoided writing about on my blog,” he says. “There’s just something about a conversation that opens things up.”

Scott released his first weekly podcast this past January, and said the transition from blogging felt seamless. “If I’m a decent writer, it’s because of how conversational I am,” he explains, “so podcasting really works for me.” Scott’s guests have all been from the diabetes community, including a number of other d-parents. He says he particularly values their experiences and unique insights.

“I’ll be in the middle of the interview and feel like I know what they’re going to say – and when they don’t, which is often, I’m getting something really valuable.”

Listen: Scott Benner talks with guests about d-parenting, gluten and what has changed for kids growing up with type 1 diabetes from 30 years ago to today.

The Real Life Diabetes Podcast.
Real Life Diabetes hosts talk to Mike Hosty in their June podcast

Real Life Diabetes

Like Scott, Diabetes Daily Grind website founders Amber Clour and Ryan Fightmaster, both of whom live with type 1 diabetes, took the podcasting plunge earlier this year. New episodes of their program Real Life Diabetes are available more or less monthly, with Amber and Ryan and the occasional guest discussing diabetes-related topics ranging from being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in one’s 40s to carbohydrates and their effects on blood sugar levels.

Listen: Amber and Ryan talk with each other and their guests about mindfulness, coconut oil, genetics and physical activity.

Max Szadek on life with diabetes
Max Szadek of the DivaTalkRadio Podcast


Divabetic® founder Max Szadek is, in his own words, “on a mission to glamorize good health.” His podcast mixes empowering topics for women, like “Getting to Know Your Body” and “Don’t Let Diabetes Kill Romance,” with tributes to stars past and present that he finds inspiring, from Billie Holiday to Jennifer Lopez.

Listen: Max interviews romance author Kim Law, holds a diabetes roundtable inspired by the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom and hosts a tribute to Luther Vandross, who lived with type 2 diabetes.

NDEP shares stories of people living with diabetes on their podcast

Managing Diabetes

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) has developed a series of short podcasts featuring the stories of people living with and learning to manage their diabetes – including an episode in Spanish.

“The first thing I would tell someone newly diagnosed with diabetes is to learn the rules of the game,” says the host of Episode 1, David, who lives with diabetes. He encourages listeners to “test frequently” to get a sense of how different foods affect them. Transcripts of each episode are also available for free download.

Listen: Tips and strategies for managing diabetes and talking with your family.

ADA has a podcast on diabetes research

Diabetes Core Update

Want a breakdown of some of the latest diabetes research? Every month the American Diabetes Association distills news from its four scholarly journals – Diabetes, Diabetes Care, Clinical Diabetes and Diabetes Spectrum – into 15-minute broadcasts. Intended for healthcare professionals on the go, Diabetes Core Update may also appeal to the science-minded layperson interested in diabetes research.

Listen: Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes 2015, management of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes and other recent research topics.

Scott Benner, Chris Snider, Amber Clour, Ryan Fightmaster and Max Szadek received no compensation for this post on Discuss Diabetes. All opinions contained in this post reflect those of the interviewees and/or contributors, and not of Sanofi US, its employees, agencies or affiliates.

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