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Super Eating for Game Day

Recipes and tips for your football party

diabetes friendly game day snacks

Whether you’re a die-hard follower of football all season long, or fair-weather fan who enjoys a great excuse to get together with friends, here’s a roundup of recipes and eating tips for your game-day gathering. (Be sure to talk to your care team if you have any questions about your diabetes meal plan.)

Kicking off with salsa and guac

Diabetes-friendlier dips and salsa

Looking for some “party tricks” to help create healthier food that satisfies? Learn how a fun party menu might begin with some diabetes-friendlier guacamole and salsas!

Double down on veggie dips

Recipes for roasted red pepper bean dip and caramelized onion dip

Try one or both of these healthful, easy-to-make dips – caramelized onion dip and roasted red pepper and bean dip. Both can be made a day ahead and transport easily if you’re headed to a potluck. Serve them with an assortment of fresh-cut vegetables such as carrots, celery, fennel, radishes or bell peppers.

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Healthful burgers for halftime

Black bean burgers with avocado lime spread

You won’t miss the meat in these flavorful Tex-Mex-inspired black bean burgers, with avocado lime spread. If you prefer conventional hamburgers, learn what people living with diabetes may want to know about recent guidelines and eating meat.

No-fear noodles and pasta

Diabetes-friendier pasta

Pasta and pasta salads are often popular dishes for parties. Learn how to make your favorite pastas diabetes-friendlier and lower-carb by packing in the veggies and making some smarter choices for sauces.

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Thinking about drinking?

Glass of Beer and American FootballIf you live with diabetes and choose to drink alcohol, it’s important to be informed. Read more on what to know about diabetes and alcohol.

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Low-carb desserts? Touchdown!

low-carb-desserts_largeIf you’re bringing a dish to a gathering, why not try one of these ideas for lower-carb and healthful desserts? Chances are you won’t be the only one grateful for some healthier options.

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