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Do We Hear Wedding Bells?

Planning a dinner, ceremony & reception with diabetes on board

Spring is here and wedding bells are near! Did you know that couples are more likely to wed in the month of June than any other time of the year? As the nuptials season gears up, there’s a good chance you may be attending a wedding over the next several months – perhaps even your own.

Wedding planning with diabetes

Planning a wedding or other big event is exciting but may be stressful, especially when diabetes is part of the mix. Does menu planning seem daunting? Are you wondering about managing your blood sugar levels during the busy and possibly stressful days leading up to the wedding – not to mention on the big day itself? You’re definitely not alone, and other brides and grooms whose lives have been affected by diabetes have had those same thoughts.

Kerri Sparling
Kerri & others share wedding tips
In this infographic, several members of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), including Six Until Me’s Kerri Sparling, dish about their wedding experiences. They also offer 9 tips, from recruiting a designated diabetes helper to keeping candy or glucose tabs handy during the ceremony.

Further reading: Download the complete Wedding Tips infographic.

Rachel Scott plans her wedding
Rachel (left) relaxes with her mom & sister

As humaBLOG’s Rachel Scott, profiled here last year, recently recounted, shopping for a wedding dress while living with diabetes may present unexpected challenges. Luckily she discovered that those challenges are manageable with a bit of planning.

Further reading: Rachel Scott’s humaBLOG post on removing – then misplacing! – her insulin pump in the excitement of trying on wedding dresses.

Carolyn Ketchum offers low-carb tips
Carolyn offers low-carb tips

Low-carb foodie Carolyn Ketchum, who lives with type 2 diabetes, writes on The DX that “hosting a diabetes-friendlier wedding or event doesn’t need to be overwhelming or stressful.” She offers suggestions like being upfront with your catering company, asking guests about dietary needs in the invitation and thinking creatively about desserts.

Further reading:  Carolyn’s tips for creating diabetes-friendlier and individualized menus, including a dessert table.

April and Chris Blackwell wedding
April and Chris Blackwell

As aspiring astronaut April Blackwell emphasizes, when the big day comes it’s important to enjoy it and not stress out over minor mishaps. “Whatever is going to happen will happen,” she says. April and her now-husband Chris also incorporated diabetes into their special day by skipping one wedding tradition. Instead of having wedding favors, Blackwell says, they “made up little cards and set them at each table and told the guests we were making a donation to JDRF instead.”

Further reading: How April’s planning helped keep her big day on track.

Got any wedding tips or stories you’d like to share? Post them in the comments below!

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