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Living, Laughing & Loving: Lessons in Marriage from the DOC

DOC members share insights into married life

Laura KolodjeskiLaura Kolodjeski

I’ve shared a couple of love stories here on Discuss Diabetes including one from Chris Stocker (who is currently engaged!) about dating and diabetes and another from April Blackwell about diabetes on her wedding day. This Valentine’s Day, I thought it might be fun to ask couples questions about married life, and I loved the responses!

What advice do you have for other married couples who aspire to reach 35 years of marriage?

Judi and Larry Hoskins

Judi Hoskins: Nothing will last forever, or be the best or worst thing that happens. The bad things pass and you move on. Each day brings new challenges. If you work on making a happy marriage and let the small things go, the good will far outweigh the bad.

Larry Hoskins: My best advice to other couples is to be honest with each other and never stop communicating; listen carefully and respond with understanding. Respect your partner’s privacy and give her the time to be alone when she wants to be alone. Marriage is not easy, you have to work at it to make it last.

What is the key to a successful marriage of nearly 22 years?

Amy and Burghardt Tenderich with their daughters

Amy Tenderich: The keys to a successful marriage are mutual respect (at all times), and the ability to have fun and laugh together!

Burghardt Tenderich: First, you need to marry the right person, and that includes someone who will also be your best friend. Mutual respect at all times is key, and the ability and the desire to support the other person in difficult times.

What’s been the most exciting part of being a newlywed?

April and Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell: The most exciting part about being a newlywed is knowing that you can truly confide in one another. It’s comforting to know that you are both on the same team, and ultimately are looking out for each other’s best interests. It’s also nice to know that you can be yourself, and voice your own honest opinions without any (ok, maybe with minor ;-)) repercussions.

April Blackwell: It may sound selfish, but I love knowing I am not in this diabetes thing alone. It is so comforting to know that someone chose me, diabetes and all, to be with them for the rest of our lives. And the ultimate best thing? He is more than willing to help me put an insulin pump site in when I am being a complete weenie about it! Bonus points!

Thanks so much to Judi, Larry, Amy, Burghardt, Chris and April for sharing their thoughts on married life!

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Laura K.

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