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On the Go with GoMeals® | 4 Questions with Lynn Crowe

Lynn Crowe talks about GoMeals® and its offerings

Laura KolodjeskiLaura Kolodjeski

Lynn Crowe

While reading so many great posts from the DOC, and in particular those from D-Blog Day, one of the reoccurring themes is the amount of time it takes to manage diabetes including some activities such as measuring/weighing food, analyzing dietary intake, monitoring blood sugar, and the correlations among the aforementioned. Since the GoMeals® mobile application has been designed to help with just that, I wanted to take a few moments to chat with Lynn Crowe, Director of Devices, U.S. Diabetes, about GoMeals® and its offerings.

Q:  Tell us a little bit about GoMeals® and why it was created.

A:  Managing nutritional intake is a critical component of living with diabetes. People with diabetes are just like most people when it comes to enjoying restaurants, eating on the run and juggling the demands of life. They aren’t sitting around waiting for the next opportunity to tend to their diabetes. They are in the community doing what everyone does. So they need tools in their hands at the time they need them. That’s why a mobile platform, like GoMeals®, is helpful. To meet the need, we designed GoMeals® for people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Through a partnership with CalorieKing™, we built GoMeals® with the idea that it should be easy to use your mobile device to look up the nutritional information for your favorite foods. Since the database currently stores information about more than 40,000 food items, it’s easy to determine the nutritional components of what you’re about to eat. And for those who are tracking against a calorie goal or percentage of fat per day, the tool can help there as well.

Q:  What makes GoMeals® different from other health-related mobile applications?

A:  GoMeals® is a three in one application! There are many good health apps but they are different than GoMeals®. Some are good for weight loss tracking, others for glucose logs, but GoMeals® is unique because it allows you to:

  • Search Nutritional Information: GoMeals® allows you to search nutritional information from 40,000 foods and more than 20,000 restaurants. Partnering with CalorieKing™ was imperative to the app’s success because CalorieKing™ is a trusted source by the diabetes community.
  • Track Your Meals and Nutrition: Because GoMeals® is available on iPhone®, iPad™, iPod Touch® and Android™ devices, it can travel with you. The app tracks your daily eating habits and allows you to easily access your nutrition log for the last 30 days so your nutritional information is always at your fingertips.
  • Find restaurants: If you’re like me, choosing where to eat can sometimes be as time-consuming as the actual meal itself, which is why I love the restaurant locator built into the app. By leveraging your device’s built-in GPS capability, GoMeals® can let you know which restaurants are close by and even browse the menu items that they offer. Need a reservation? Just click the “Call” icon and GoMeals® will dial the restaurant for you.

Plus, did I mention it’s free! It’s not every day that you can find a free resource like this.

Q:  What enhancements have you made to GoMeals®?

A:  The GoMeals® app for iPhone® has received great user feedback since its launch more than a year ago. We have published several updates to the original app with new features and enhancements and have seen over 300,000 downloads to date. To build on that success, we launched GoMeals® HD – an expanded version of the app for the iPad™ – last June. And finally, late last year, we announced the launch of GoMeals® for Android™.

Also, when we make updates to the application, we ask members of the diabetes community to beta test for us, so we ensure that the enhancements we’re making are meeting their needs.

Q:  If needed, what channels provide users with customer support?

A:  If you have an iPhone®, iPad™, or iPod Touch® you may download the app from the Apple iTunes app store. If you have an Android™ device, you may download the app by searching for GoMeals® in the Android™ Market. You can also go to http://www.gomeals.com/ to learn more about the app, watch a video demo, or read through “Frequently Asked Questions”. If you have the app and have any questions or need customer support, please send us a tweet at @GoMeals.

A special thanks to Lynn for answering our questions about GoMeals®. Have suggestions for GoMeals® or know of other great time-saving apps? Leave us a comment.

All the best,


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