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Special MOMents for Mother’s Day

Moms and their children share some of their cherished moments together

mom_moments_largeThere may be no other bond quite as special as that between a mother and her child. With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, May 10, it’s a good time to revisit some of the special “MOMents” between moms and their kids that we’ve spotlighted here on Discuss Diabetes.

Joanne and Elise enjoy time together outside

Moms may have many moments when they’re especially proud of their child, but there’s one that Death of a Pancreas blogger Joanne Cunha cherishes even more than her daughter Elisa’s first word or step. “Over breakfast, she was telling her brother about her pancreas and the reason she has to count carbs and take insulin,” Joanne recalls. “I realized that Elise is not ashamed one little bit about having diabetes. … she shows it off loud and proud, spreading awareness wherever she goes.”

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Sara and Bonnie share a moment
Sara and Bonnie share a moment

Sara Nicastro, a d-blogger  with type 1 diabetes, lives 3,000 miles away from her mother, Bonnie. Sara fondly recalls the days when she lived closer to her family and she and Bonnie would babysit her brother’s three boys together. As Sara describes her mother: “She is completely devoted to her family and always ready for an adventure.”

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Kerri and birdy
Kerri and birdy

Six Until Me’s Kerri Sparling, who lives with T1, recalls many precious moments with her daughter, whom she calls “bird” or “birdy.” “I love how she absently pets my hair when we’re watching cartoons together,” Kerri says, “and how she ‘smells flowers’ by blowing out as hard as she can.” She adds, “I love how my diabetes isn’t something she fears or worries about, but is just something her mama does every day, and doesn’t come between us.”

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 Judi and Michael take a moment to reflect

Judi and Michael take a moment to reflect

Judi Hoskins will never forget the moment she learned of her son Michael’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis. “It was one of the most crushing things I was ever told,” Judi, who also lives with T1, recalls. Michael, who is managing editor of Diabetes Mine, says that the lessons he’s learned from his mother, a Joslin medalist, have been invaluable. “She showed me you have to keep fighting that fight.”

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In Friday’s Discuss Diabetes post, 5 families will share some “mom wisdom,” including how to make small changes that may have big impact, and where to find pockets of time to manage diabetes while raising children.

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