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  • Team Diabetes

    Team Diabetes

    This quilt, created in 2003, belongs to two amazing children, McKenzie and her brother Mike, who both live with type 1 diabetes, as does their mother. They call themselves “Team Diabetes” and it’s clear there’s a strong mama-leader at the head of the pack.

  • My Mom and Me

    My Mom and Me

    Sevaun’s quilt shows a few of his favorite things: football, soccer, baseball, and Power Rangers®. It isn’t just about games and toys, though. This quilt also includes photos of Sevaun’s family, and one special photo of Sevaun with his mother.

  • Connecting the Generations

    Connecting the Generations

    Dylan Elizabeth loves the beach, dancing, and playing with her cousins. Her quilt, simple and elegant, was crafted by her grandmother and demonstrates the theme of the Quilt for Life – connecting the generations.

  • Cars, Heroes, and My Mom

    Cars, Heroes, and My Mom

    Jackson’s quilt celebrates his love of cars and Rescue Heroes®, but especially the joy he takes in visiting friends and family (especially Mom!). His budding artistic skills are also on display, as well as his pride in his home state of Illinois.

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The Quilt for Life

Inspired by love and diabetes

The Quilt for Life, part of Children With Diabetes (CWD), is a celebration of the lives of children living with diabetes. Birthdate, diagnosis date, smiles; it’s all in the quilt. The Quilt for Life helps transform diabetes from the abstract world of numbers to the real world of children living with diabetes. For the CWD family, diabetes is about Marissa and Sam and Lori and Justin and thousands of other children and their families. The original idea was simple: connect founder Jeff Hitchcock’s daughter Marissa with his mother – her grandmother, who loved quilting. It became a simple yet powerful way to honor all the generations affected by type 1 diabetes. First shown in 2002, twice displayed on the National Mall in Washington, the quilt is displayed every year at CWD’s annual Friends for Life conference. Because many squares honor d-moms and d-grandmas, as well as children, these quilt images celebrate Mother’s Day in a very special way. Happy Mother’s Day!

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