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  • Toasted Nuts

    Toasted Nuts

    Spice up the day! For something with kick, toss nuts with lime juice, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and salt. If your sweetie loves sweetness, sprinkle with cinnamon, cayenne, and just a bit of sugar. Bake in a low oven until toasted.

  • Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

    Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

    The marriage of this sweet red fruit and decadent chocolate screams Valentine’s Day! Find them in candy shops or make your own. Select large berries with the leaves and stems intact. Dip them into melted chocolate and dry on wax paper.

  • Dark Chocolate Truffles

    Dark Chocolate Truffles

    The chocolate lover in your life may be delighted with just one or two handpicked dark chocolate truffles. Choose your sweetheart’s favorite and wrap them in pretty paper and a bow for a romantic, satisfying treat.

  • Bubbly and Raspberries

    Bubbly and Raspberries

    Clink glasses with your love! Drop a few small berries in pretty fluted glasses and then pour your favorite sparkling water, cider, or Champagne. If you choose to drink alcohol, check with your doctor and read this on what you should know.


  • Heart-Shaped Sushi

    Heart-Shaped Sushi

    This nontraditional treat could win someone’s heart! Roll the sushi the usual way, but when you cut it, form a heart by pinching one end into a point and pushing in the other end. Or ask your local sushi chef to make it!

  • Chocolate-Dipped Apricots

    Chocolate-Dipped Apricots

    This pretty chocolate treat has fiber, potassium, and vitamin A, too. Poach dried apricots in water with a cinnamon stick. Then dip half of the apricot in melted dark chocolate and dry it on wax paper.

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Valentine’s Day Delights

Treats for those living & loving with diabetes

This Valentine’s Day, say “I love you” without sabotaging your – or your loved one’s – meal plan. I say it’s a myth that February 14th needs to include an oversized heart-shaped box of gooey sweets. Instead of seeking quantity and its abundance of calories, saturated fats, and sugar, I suggest going for quality, with one of these out-of-the-chocolate-box ideas. I recommend them to those living with diabetes and those who love them, but always in moderation and portion size that fits with your needs.  Remember, too, that you can say caring, love, and romance without food at all. How? Sign up for a dance class or couple’s massage. Woo your someone special with flowers or with a handholding stroll under the moonlight. Celebrate this day of love, kindness, and friendship in any way your heart tells you to.

Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, CDE*, is the author of Diabetes Weight Loss Week by Week, contributing editor for Environmental Nutrition, and has written for many publications including EatingWell, Diabetic Living, Her Sports + Fitness, and LifeScript. Weisenberger is a paid contributor for The DX. All opinions contained in this article reflect those of the contributor, and not of Sanofi US, its employees, agencies, or affiliates.

*“Certified Diabetes Educator” and “CDE” are certification marks owned and registered by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE). NCBDE is not affiliated in any way with Sanofi US. NCBDE does not sponsor or endorse any diabetes-related products or services.

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