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Welcome to The DX: The Diabetes Experience

Connecting the diabetes experience

Welcome to The DX: The Diabetes Experience, a place where people whose lives are touched by diabetes may be informed, inspired, and empowered.

The diabetes experience is relatively new to me. While I’ve spent decades connecting with consumers in various aspects of their lives, from the travel industry to information services, it is only in the past three years that I’ve had the privilege of connecting with the wants and needs of people with diabetes. In this time, I’ve also had the great good fortune of working with deeply experienced colleagues. I’ve listened closely to that dedicated team, to those personally touched by diabetes, and the diabetes online community leaders; the result is The DX.

By seeking diabetes content daily from around the web and by combining that with original reporting, The DX will create a place where an authentic and engaging conversation will take place. This is a dialogue about being current with diabetes, but more importantly, being current with life. I hope that taking part in it will become part of your daily experience, and that you will join us online.  We understand diabetes is not who you are, but that it does affect every part of your life.  The DX will aim to meet your needs with content that ranges from easily understandable discussions of serious medical topics to lifestyle, technology and nutrition ideas. Join us for an engaging, relevant exchange that will include:

  • Up-to-date news, ideas, and strategies, whether you’re newly diagnosed or an experienced veteran. 
  • A carefully curated selection of relevant diabetes content from the web, as well as original features found only on The DX.
  • Fresh approaches to thinking about diabetes and how to cope with its challenges.



My ask of you: take a read and tell us how to make The DX better for you.  Log on and give us your feedback and suggestions. Because diabetes affects our world.

Yours sincerely,

Michele Polz
Head of Patient Solutions, US Diabetes

© 2012 The DX: The Diabetes Experience

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