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Welcome to The DX

Welcome to The DX Summer 2013

The warmer months have arrived, and here on The DX: The Diabetes Experience we are ready to enjoy the weather! These longer, lighter days offer an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, whether that means taking a vacation, going on a walk, or discovering fresh ways to entertain with great company and a tasty menu.

Our team has been on the lookout for stories of life and life with diabetes, particularly for this season of sun and fun. A few of my personal favorites include a piece on gardening and the benefits of eating local food, as well as this wonderful story of d-love and support.

Of course, summer wouldn’t be the same without some great seasonal food; we offer tips on making many traditional summer meals diabetes-friendlier, whether you’re grilling up your favorite meats and veggies or enjoying some low-carb desserts or cool frozen favorites.

Be sure to also check out our ongoing regular features: inspiring tales of weight loss, common questions explored in our Dear Diabetes column, and The DX Diabetes Dish interviews with some names you may recognize!

My hope has been to make The DX informative, inspiring, and empowering for those people whose lives are touched by diabetes. Whether you’re visiting the site for the first time, or you’re returning as an old friend, I’m so pleased to have you spend some time with us.

Because hearing the voices of those affected by diabetes is so important; consider taking your own part in that conversation – leave us a comment and share with us how to make The DX better for you, this summer and beyond.

Yours sincerely,

Michele Polz
AVP, Patient Insights & Analytics, US Diabetes

© 2013 The DX: The Diabetes Experience

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