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The 2013 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge

Prove it!

2013 DDD banner

In its final year, the Data Design Diabetes Challenge asked innovators to find ways of using open data to unlock critical insight to improve patient experience, clinical outcomes and economic realities. The 2013 “Prove It!” Challenge judges chose five innovation leaders to demonstrate their solutions on Demo Day at the preeminent healthcare event of the year, Health DatapaloozaTM IV in Washington, DC, on June 3, 2013, using the following criteria:

  • the solution’s ability to demonstrate evidence-based outcomes
  • the ability to provide a data-driven tool to members of the healthcare ecosystem
  • the ability to enable data-driven decision-making
  • the utilization of the latest methodologies in the field of data science to achieve these ends

The weeks leading up to the teams’ presentations were filled with carefully planned activities – including mentorship, design immersion, empathy development and business speed dating – to ensure that each team achieved its maximum potential before revealing its solution at Health Datapalooza.

The 2013 Challenge winner: Connect & CoachTM

Connect & Coach enables cost-effective regular interaction between Registered Dietitians (RDs) and Certified Diabetes Educators* (CDEs), and their clients. Designed for the retail supermarket or pharmacy setting, Connect & Coach is the first hybrid clinical and consumer application for RDs and CDEs to perform Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) services in the community where it’s needed.

The 2013 Challenge finalists

AllazoEngine, anticipates which patients will not take their medications and predicts the most effective interventions to influence each of those patients to take their medication.

GoCap, replacement pen cap for prefilled insulin pens that can read dose amounts and times, and communicate wirelessly to a mobile phone or connected glucometer.

MediSapien, accepts isolated silos of unstructured health data and converts it into fully coded structured data, empowering healthcare analytics for case management, pharmaceutical studies, trend analysis and academic research.

Nuduro, provides home and on-the-go meal recommendations that match customers’ taste and lifestyle with their unique nutritional needs.

The 2013 Challenge judges

Jon Brilliant, then Controlling Financial Officer, WellDoc®. (Where Jon is today.)

Deborah Estrin, Co-Founder, Open mHeath. (Where Deborah is today.)

Bob Kocher, MD, then Partner, Venrock. (Where Bob is today.)

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, then Health Economist and Blogger, Think-Health and Health Populi Blog. (Where Jane is today.)

Dennis Urbaniak, then Vice President, US Diabetes, sanofi-aventis. (Where Dennis is today.)

*“Certified Diabetes Educator” and “CDE” are certification marks owned and registered by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE). NCBDE is not affiliated in any way with Sanofi US. NCBDE does not sponsor or endorse any diabetes-related products or services.

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